On Hiring Veterans

What if I told you there was a large pool of incredibly talented, disciplined and eager employees out there just waiting for the right opportunity but find themselves passed over because of a lack of understanding regarding their particular skills? Well, there is. They are our military veterans.

Study after study has shown that the benefits of hiring someone with military experience, regardless of their profession while they served, is hugely beneficial for the employer in terms of raw company performance. Don’t believe me or need a little more convincing? Here’s some more reading material: 1  2  3  4 …  and the list goes on an on. New studies and reports come out almost monthly touting the benefits that hiring veterans brings to your bottom line.

To surmise some of the findings, according to a recent 2012 study conducted by the Center for a New American Security (CNAS), they found that not only do veterans make good employees, they typically rate amongst the best of all employees time and time again. Beyond teamwork, discipline and their rapid ability to acclimate to changing environments, veterans bring unparalleled levels of loyalty, dedication, work ethic and character to the mix. The only thing holding them back is an inability to translate their skills effectively for corporate America and an unfair stigma associated with military service in certain circles.

Some of the aforementioned positive attributes, as well as the 11 or so others mentioned in the CNAS study and so many others, are the primary reasons that we actively recruit military veterans. Not only do we seek them out, but our goal is to also train and prepare them for a fulfilling technology career as best we can, regardless of how comprehensive their technical background may be. This is because they already tend to have a foundation of relevant professional skills that just can’t be taught in a classroom, but are shaped solely by experience. This gives them a valuable edge, as intangible as it may be at first. The rest can typically be learned over time on the job or in a class.  For the employer, giving a veteran a chance to prove themselves is one investment that pays innumerable dividends over time. It is what makes our particular team special, and what makes us able to serve our clients as well as we do around the clock.

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