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Military Veterans and Startups

Here at Netizen, we’ve blogged a lot over the past year about the value veterans bring to the table for any startup. We are proudly veteran owned and have a staff comprised of incredibly dedicated, talented employees of which over 80% are veterans of various branches, occupational specialties, ages and backgrounds. It is this aspect […]
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On Hiring Veterans

What if I told you there was a large pool of incredibly talented, disciplined and eager employees out there just waiting for the right opportunity but find themselves passed over because of a lack of understanding regarding their particular skills? Well, there is. They are our military veterans. Study after study has shown that the benefits of […]
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Why we are proud of being veteran-owned

A lot of businesses you see are veteran-owned (including ours), they just don’t advertise it very often.  It may be because of the negative connotations it once carried in previous eras or some other reason altogether, but they should display it loud and proud for reasons I will explain here. Veterans start and operate businesses […]
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