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Cybersecurity ROI: Still a tough sell

Panelists at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium agree that selling top management on the value of “something that doesn’t happen” is tricky. How do you convince a company board of directors that there is a return on investment (ROI) for something that doesn’t happen? Read here…

Medium-sized employers overlooking cyber-security

Large corporations have caught on to the importance of cyber-security training but their smaller counterparts aren’t doing so well – that’s the warning from one industry expert who says a lack of education is putting Kiwi businesses at risk. “When it comes to acknowledging the need for training in relation to cyber security, the larger […]
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Financial Firms Hit with Million Dollar Losses per Cybersecurity Incident

The costs associated with cyberattacks on the financial sector are rising as organizations face increasingly sophisticated threats. New research by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International reveals the scale and impact of attacks, with financial firms facing losses of nearly a million dollars ($926,000) on average for each cybersecurity incident they face. The staggering figure is […]
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Federal effort is needed to address shortfall in cybersecurity talent

Our nation is under attack. Every day, thousands of entities – private enterprises, public institutions and individual citizens—have their computer networks breached, their systems hacked and their data stolen, degraded or destroyed. Such critical infrastructure impacts the cyber-sanctity of our banking system and electric power grid, each vital to our national security. We believe systemically […]
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Congress Mulls SME Cybersecurity Legislation

A bill that would encourage SMEs to follow cybersecurity guidelines is making its way through Congress as an addition to existing legislation encouraging the same of large corporates. Reports this week said the bill, the Main Street Cybersecurity Act, is an update to the existing Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2014 and would seek for the […]
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Artificial intelligence makes cybersecurity the ideal field for ‘new collar’ jobs

Security experts will tell you that humans are the weakest link in the cyber security world. The facts speak for themselves, over 90 percent of security incidents are due to human error. This is when people do things like click on a bad link, open an attachment which is laden with malware or fail to […]
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Why Cybersecurity Should Be A No. 1 Business Priority For 2017

Last year was terrible for corporate victims of cyberattacks, with many large organizations making headlines over reports of major breaches. Ransomware attacks quadrupled to 4,000 per day from 2015 to 2016, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Despite the evidence, most companies greatly understate the risk of a cyber incident, according to EY’s 19th Global Information […]
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Exploring The Gap Between Cybersecurity Perception And Reality

Most company executives and security professionals have a reasonable understanding of cybersecurity. Even if they don’t fully understand the mechanics under the hood, they at least realize that there is a vast and aggressive threat landscape out there, and that their networks are under virtually constant siege from attackers. When you ask how they feel […]
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Netizen Cyber Threat Intelligence – July 8th, 2015

Welcome to the Netizen IT Threat Intelligence Newsletter.  A complimentary service of Netizen Corporation, intended to help protect your business from the ever growing and ever changing threat of cyber attacks.  ZERO DAY VULNERABILITY ALERT  Microsoft Office – OLE Packager Allows Code Execution In All Office Versions, With Macros Disabled And High Security Templates Applied […]
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Netizen Cyber Threat Intelligence – June 24, 2015

Welcome to the Netizen IT Threat Intelligence Newsletter.  A complimentary service of Netizen Corporation, intended to help protect your business from the ever growing and ever changing threat of cyber attacks.  ZERO DAY VULNERABILITY ALERT  HP Drops The Hammer On Unpatched Internet Explorer 11’s Zero Day Vulnerability ” Last year HP’s highly regarded Zero Day Initiative group found […]
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