Netizen ALERT: Marriott Breached

Marriott has today revealed that its Starwood guest reservation database has been subject to unauthorized access “since 2014”. The scope of the data breach is huge, covering nearly five years and approximately 500 million guests.

The company has created a website to deal with the breach at (note that at the time of writing it redirects to

Who’s affected?

The company warns that if you made a reservation at one of its Starwood brands in the last five years then you are at risk: If you made a reservation on or before September 10, 2018 at a Starwood property, information you provided may have been involved.

Netizen Recommends: If you have stayed at Marriott properties since 2014, you should update the password you use on the reservation webstie and the email account you use to access that Marriott website. It is possible that the credit card you have used with  Mariott have been exposed, so you should consider contacting your card issuer to request a non-emergency card reissue.

Details can be found here.


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