Conferences, Certifications or College: Which Is the Best Path toward a Cybersecurity Career?

Cybersecurity and cyber defense experience are buzzwords that enhance a resume. They are also jobs that are needed now and far into the future.
In January 2017, cybersecurity expert and CSO Steve Morgan wrote about the need for more cybersecurity talent. On the the CSO website, which serves enterprise security decision-makers, Morgan stated that “there will be 1 million cybersecurity job openings in 2017.” In fact, it is the Chief Security Officers who make the hiring decisions and hire the employees who defend their organizations from cyber threats and vulnerabilities.
Conferences Are a Valuable Source of Cybersecurity Information
InCyberDefense has reported on cybersecurity conferences often in the past few years. Conferences such as Black Hat, DEFCON, BSides and CES provide additional knowledge from experienced professionals.
However, you have to know some cybersecurity basics to understand the discussions at these conferences. DEFCON has some tracks that are for “newbie, newb, noob, or n00b,” also known as “cyber rookies.”

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