Artificial intelligence makes cybersecurity the ideal field for ‘new collar’ jobs

Security experts will tell you that humans are the weakest link in the cyber security world. The facts speak for themselves, over 90 percent of security incidents are due to human error. This is when people do things like click on a bad link, open an attachment which is laden with malware or fail to change default passwords. I’d argue, that humans must be our greatest strength when defending ourselves from cybercrime and they’ll achieve this by augmenting their security intelligence with technology.

This augmented intelligence will come in a few ways, with cognitive technologies and artificial intelligence (AI) already helping consumers spot phishing websites and better filter spam. The most pressing need for augmented intelligence really is needed in the security operations center where teams of analysts pour over hundreds of thousands of security events per day looking for the real threats to businesses. In fact, our research has shown that the average company deals with 200,000 of these events per day.

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