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FDA plans to improve medical device cybersecurity

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) plans to tackle security issues related to medical devices and has released a plan of action it means to implement in the near future. Read More………….

Cybersecurity ROI: Still a tough sell

Panelists at the MIT Sloan CIO Symposium agree that selling top management on the value of “something that doesn’t happen” is tricky. How do you convince a company board of directors that there is a return on investment (ROI) for something that doesn’t happen? Read here…

Hospital cybersecurity failing to encrypt transmitted health records

New research found a number of troubling issues with hospital cybersecurity, including transmitting unencrypted health records and failing to deploy cybersecurity measures. A new cybersecurity study of hospitals and other provider care sites uncovered bad habits, such as transmitting unencrypted health records and issues with a lack of adoption of many security products. The survey, […]
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Reimagining Healthcare Through Wearable Tech And Collaboration

Though this could be a revolution in bringing medical device functionality to the masses, there will inevitably be some serious security and privacy concerns that need to be addressed before adoption of a massive scale by enterprise users.