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SolarWinds Breach Fallout: What happened and what we learned

On December 13, 2020 cybersecurity company FireEye announced they had discovered a state-of-the-art exploit that created a backdoor in SolarWind’s Orion application. This hack was then distributed to thousands of systems running this application as a routine update from the manufacturer. With no reason to suspect any issues, IT administrators all over the country unknowingly […]
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Netizen Case Study: 2018 Allentown City Government Breach

Overview: Allentown’s city government has been breached and invaded by a serious computer virus known as Emotet, or possibly a new variant of the Emotet malware that adds functionality to make it more dangerous and less easy to detect and remove. Variants of this malware have been a known threat globally since at least 2014, […]
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