Netizen Updates and News

Today, we at Netizen are announcing several major updates for our customers, employees and the community. They encompass cyber security, customer service, innovation and community involvement.

First off, Netizen is preparing to release several advanced tools of our own design as Open Source. The first such tool performs the validation and security configuration of virtualization hosts to ensure they are secure and compliant. The next tool to be released is an analytics dashboard that tracks vulnerability data and POA&M milestones across an enterprise. Both will be licensed under the GNU Affero GPL for the general public and available to view, modify and/or download at our GitHub Repository.

Secondly, Netizen is funding and creating a scholarship program at Lehigh Carbon Community College (LCCC) to provide funds and training opportunities for military veterans seeking to enter into technical degree programs. The field of cyber security has far more job openings than there is qualified talent to fill them and military veterans make ideal employees. We intend to educate and train the next wave of talent in the cyber industry starting with those who have already served our country so honorably.

Lastly, Netizen has formed an Innovation Group that employees, customers and partners are welcome to participate in. The intent of this group is to talk about and formulate ideas for better ways to do things related to business, technology, management or just about anything else. It will meet monthly to start, and the ideas will be put into a backlog for consideration and implementation. The intent is to develop “best practices, standards and tools” which can be leveraged by anyone.

About Netizen Corporation:

Netizen is an ISO 27001:2013 certified, award-winning and veteran-owned business that specializes in cyber security and software assurance for defense, federal civilian government and commercial markets. We develop and leverage innovative solutions to enable a more secure cyberspace for clients in government and commercial markets. Our customers include the U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, Department of Defense, and other large federal agencies as well as Fortune 500 organizations around the world.

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