Campaign advice for CISOs for Cyber Security Awareness Month

A spear phishing attack over the summer led to a Canadian company paying $425,000 in Bitcoin ransom to free its computers.  As we reported earlier, senior officials apparently fell for an old trick. Messages purported to be from a courier company that told recipients attachments were invoices for packages to be picked up, while the other messages asked them to open and print the attached document. That led to the insertion of malware.
As October Cyber Security Awareness Month starts the incident is another reminder that enterprise security is more than firewalls, anti-malware, behavior analytics and governance. It’s also about people.
”Perhaps security is getting better, in terms of how well things are configured,” says Michael Joyce, knowledge mobilization co-ordinator at the University of Montreal’s Serene-Risc information exchange, which is aimed at increasing public understanding of cyber risks and threats.

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