Are veterans the answer to the channel’s cyber security skills gap?

A look at how the channel is calling on companies to see military veterans as an invaluable talent pipeline

Poised and with a steady gaze, former Private EJ Ocljighoro has the kind of polish you might expect from someone with a military background – buffed shoes, crisp clothes and a firm handshake – but that is to oversimplify.
Another cliché, less well worn, is that after serving their country, the private sector seem all too often to leave them hanging; a frustrating limbo in which they’re told their military service is respected, but that they are not speaking the right corporate lingo. But could these same people be the answer to the channel’s skills shortage?

Ocljighoro is currently employed by global integrator Logicalis, after leaving the army in March 2017.
However, the transition came only after investment in new training, which in Ocljighoro’s case was instigated by himself and facilitated by not-for-profits such as London’s Corsham Institute, SaluteMyJob, a veteran focused consultancy service, and IBM Security.

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