How to Keep Pace With the Shifting Sands of Cybersecurity

The rise of new digital technologies in the workplace, driven by the need for businesses to become more agile and adaptable, has led to a surge in the number of endpoints and potential ways for cybercriminals to gain access to enterprise networks. This has led to a major evolution of the cyber battlefield.

Today’s security teams are having to come up with new tactics to fend off the more advanced threats being levelled against their increasingly interconnected enterprise networks.

The battle against these cybercriminals was traditionally regarded as a concern for the IT department, but the widely documented breach at Sony in 2014 put cybercrime at the top of the business agenda. Organizations realized that a breach, compromise or attack could have a major impact on business performance, brand perception and – most importantly – the financial bottom line.

Security became an enterprise-wide issue that needed addressing, and managing risk, a business priority. However, even after the Sony attack, security hadn’t necessarily become the board-level concern that it is today.

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