9 Factors To Ensure Your Cybersecurity Policy Works For Your Staff, Not Against Them

Companies and organizations are still struggling to deal with ransomware, a cyberattack in which user data is encrypted and held hostage, supposedly until a ransom is paid. This trend looks set to continue and perhaps even intensify. I often get asked by executive management about what they should be doing and what questions they need to be asking. Those questions can be a useful guide for those who aren’t sure if they’re doing enough beyond asking the IT department to take care of it.

Instead of the usual spiel about what equipment to purchase or what software to install, I find that it is critical that people, especially those among executive leadership, have the right mindset when communicating with those who are on the front lines of preventing cyber attacks. With that in mind, here’s my list of nine top do’s and don’ts for being cyber-resilient in terms of mindset, behavior and daily precautions since, in the end, cybersecurity is not just a technical issue but people issue as well.

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