Hacking cybersecurity to anticipate attacks

Imagine two groups at war. One defends every attack as it comes. The other anticipates threats before they happen. Which is more likely to win?

In cybersecurity, understanding the potential for attacks is critical. This is especially true for mobile and wireless devices, since they are constantly connected and continuously streaming and collecting data.

“We have these devices with us all the time. We trust them with many things—with the microphone they can hear us, with the camera they can see everything, we put all our pictures there. Our lives are on these devices,” said Guevara Noubir, professor in the College of Computer and Information Science.

Noubir recently organized the 2017 Conference on Security and Privacy in Wireless and Mobile Networks, hosted at Northeastern in July. The conference included some of the foremost experts in mobile security. One of the keynote speakers, Silvio Micali, is a winner of the Turing award, which is widely recognized as the “Nobel Prize” of computer science.

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