A new approach to federal cybersecurity, 2 years after the OPM breach

Many feel the 2015 data breach at the Office of Personnel Management served as a wake-up call for the federal government. In many ways, it was more of a confirmation of what many had feared would eventually happen.

Last month marked two years since the disclosure of one of the biggest data breaches in U.S. history confirmed the theft of more than 18 million Social Security numbers and other personally identifiable information from the Office of Personnel Management. The issues that helped enable the OPM attack were brought on by years of confusing regulations, irregular budget cycles and a lack of proper oversight; compounded by the fact that change in information technology takes years, not days.

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One thought on “A new approach to federal cybersecurity, 2 years after the OPM breach

  1. If an organization cannot afford to information or data, it should not put it on the Internet. This applies to OPM and all government agencies. With no agreed to unified theory of Cyber Security, security in Cyber Space is simply wishful thinking.


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