Cyber Security: The World’s Best And Worst Presented With A Well-Designed Infographic

Countries with the best (blue) and worst (red) malware infection rates.

It’s no secret that online security is a global problem. Businesses and government agencies are hacked, corporations, hospitals and individuals are held up with ransomware, credit card numbers and passwords are routinely stolen. Cybercrime is ubiquitous and unrelenting. How bad is it? Which countries are the most and least safe? Comparitech has created a well-designed infographic that answers these questions at a glance.

Comparitech is a “pro-consumer website providing information, tools and [product] comparison[s] to help consumers in the US, UK and further afield to research and compare tech services” related to internet security. The company created an informative infographic about cyber safety around the world based on data from Statista, the International Telecommunication Union, Freedom House and the UK’s Telegraph news organization.

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