Why threat hunting is the future of cybersecurity

bobsguide sat down with Peter Cohen, Strategic Director for Countercept at MWR InfoSecurity, to discover more about threat hunting, cybersecurity’s newest trend that putting humans back at the center of cybercrime defense systems in conjunction with innovative technology.

What role does MWR play in the financial services market?

There are two basic functions we perform in the market for financial services. The first is that financial services organizations ask us to simulate an attack on them from a certain threat class on a certain asset, adopting the role of a criminal group. We would then stage all the elements of an attack, from initial open source research on the people who work in the organization and targeting them with phishing emails, to gaining a foothold on the infrastructure and then moving through the infrastructure until we have the capability to effect the action we are looking to complete, which is usually to remove money. Read More…

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