Netizen Cyber Threat Intelligence – June 10, 2015



Welcome to the Netizen IT Threat Intelligence Newsletter.  A complimentary service of Netizen Corporation, intended to help protect your business from the ever growing and ever changing threat of cyber attacks.

Massive Data Breach Puts 4 Million Federal Employees’ Records At Risk

“(Office of Personnel Management) says people’s names, social security numbers, dates and places of birth, and current and former addresses were hacked.”
June 4th, 2015 –

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FBI: Hacker claimed to have taken over flight’s engine controls

“He stated that he thereby caused one of the airplane engines to climb resulting in a lateral or sideways movement of the plane during one of these flights”

May 18th, 2015 –

In Other News:

US Healthworks Suffers Data Breach Via Unencrypted Laptop – Forbes, 6/1/2015
Heartland Payment Systems Suffers Data Breach – Forbes, 5/31/2015
Up to 1.1 Million Customers Could be Affected in Data Breach at Insurer CareFirst – New York Times, 5/20/2015

Now Is The Time To Be Proactive In Protecting Your Business.  We Can Help:

Netizen Corporation, with its years of security expertise, provides organizations with the understanding and solutions necessary to best protect valuable information, preventing security breaches with baked in solutions implemented at all stages, from the “human element” to data encryption and cloud storage.    We will help safeguard your valuable information.

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