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Netizen: Breaking Into Cybersecurity

The cyber workforce is all around us, from the business that provides you the internet connection allowing you to view this article to the security professionals that safeguard our private information. It can be intimidating to start with such a vast array of opportunities present. Pair a career challenge with an overall bearish job market, […]
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Netizen: How to understand a Vulnerability Report and prioritize systems for remediation.

Efficiently digesting vulnerability reports can make or break a company’s security posture. Not entirely understanding a vulnerability or how to patch it can not only be discouraging for IT professionals, but it can leave an opening for malicious actors. Learning to look deeper than the graphs and indicative colors of a vulnerability report is a […]
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Log4J: The Minecraft found, Java fueled nightmare.

On December 9th, the greater information security community had its world turned upside down when a newly uncovered zero-day vulnerability was found in Apache’s Java logging library Log4J. Within hours of this news, every major software company was in disaster mode, attempting to determine how their products were affected and how to fix a patch […]
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