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The Issue With Cloud Databases

Minimize your risk and assume the worst when considering your exposed data. Consider what the likelihood and impacts of the loss of your data would be, and implement security controls in accordance with that level of risk.

Securing the Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud models offer many well-documented benefits, but they also introduce more complexity for securing data and applications across the enterprise. This added complexity requires an increasingly diverse skill set for security teams. That’s a challenge, considering the growing shortage in cybersecurity skills. In a recent study, 46 percent of organizations said they have a […]
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Why government security belongs in the cloud

Cloud-first strategies have become a focal point for state and local governments over the past few years. With today’s tightening IT budgets and a growing number of legacy application modernization projects, state and local government CIOs are being pressed now more than ever to accelerate adoption. Quick wins have included email, web portals and collaboration […]
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